Jul 16, 2021

Hey, I'm JJ :^)

A Malaysian currently based in Melbourne. Moving abroad for education at 17 was exhilarating, scary and an incredible privilege.
While down under, I've completed a Bachelors of Commerce and will soon don the dangerous cap as a Masters of Information Systems graduate from the University of Melbourne.
I'm drawn to start-ups because experimentation is often encouraged, and I learn best by doing. Previously, I managed operations at Bring Me Home to combat food wastage. In my final semester, I will be interning at Melbourne Connect - a new innovation hub. Looking forward, I'm interested in exploring product management.
Artist's impression of me in Dec 2021.
Artist's impression of me in Dec 2021.


notion image
I'm currently focused on creating more "stuff". In the past, I have actualised several ... shower thoughts, including an IKEA-inspired outfit, a birthday itinerary on 21hour.party (it is as it sounds), and a hilariously bad phishing attempt.
Whilst incredibly fun and entertaining, I now intend to channel that energy towards more tangible and rewarding projects.
For example, this website! My goal is to make engaging content about my ideas. Recently, I also designed an app and produced a 2020-one-second-a-day video (ongoing project for years to come).



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