Jul 17, 2021

Integrating e-bike rentals with food deliveries.

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Zoober is an app that keeps track of your mileage and food deliveries. Based on logged activities, Zoober can help cyclists analyse their productivity and maintain contract compliance.


Created on Glide over a cold winter weekend.


Currently, tracking your e-bike mileage is troublesome and tedious. Cyclists who signed up for commuter/personal plans have to monitor their pedometers to ensure they do not exceed the 80km/week limit. There is no app or online counter.
Additionally, food delivery companies only report weekly earnings. They do not provide performance metrics; thus, productivity is hard to measure.
Even if one takes the time to accumulate all this information, the data is separated - a physical pedometer and an online app. There is no integration.

Design Goals

  • Allow cyclists to log and edit their activity easily and quickly.
  • Flexible towards different modes of travel (manual or e-bikes) and purposes (recreation or food delivery).
  • Weekly breakdowns for sessions and earnings.
  • Basic metrics with benchmarks using historical data.
  • For the purpose of demonstration, I will be referring to Zoomo (e-bike retailer) and Uber Eats - hence Zoober!


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Main Tab: Session

Users can quickly log a session from the main screen with pre-populated time and mileage details.

Designed for on-the-go users

Each session can be customised various use cases, including recreation, food delivery and mix-mode commuters.
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Zoomo Tab

Weekly periods are aligned with rental renewal dates and progress bars make comparisons instantaneous.

Information simplified

Distance cycled and any rollover information are automatically calculated for peace of mind.
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Uber Eats Tab

Current and weekly summaries provide key information in a single glance.

Measure earnings and productivity

Input earnings and trip details for each session to measure productivity.
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Stats and charts, of course.

For the data hungry, charts and stats are a click away - just toggle the switch or view the weekly breakdown. The app informs users of their utilisation, hourly rate, efficiency, etc. along with %changes.
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Test, test and test again. Building this application on Glide simplified a lot of things, but mistakes are inevitable. After using the app for a few weeks, several small but impactful changes were made to the data displayed in each tab to improve overall experience. What looks good may not be useful, and function should always come before form.
While "courier plans" have no distance limits, I believe couriers can still benefit from better insights. Lastly, this app was actually inspired by my experience as a Uber Eats cyclist. Turning my gripes and desires into an app that I actually depend on has been incredibly exciting and rewarding.

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